Cloud of Witnesses 
‘’The Sixth Extinction’’

In Cloud of Witnesses you experience time as a distance. You are walking through a memory that happened so long ago it feels like it should have been forgotten. Through this dystopian poem you learn about the Anthropocene from a voyeuristic perspective. You have entered a space, pitch dark, but a couple rays of light allow you to see. In this light the remains of the Sixth Extinction occur to you. They are here to tell you a story. Through a meditative audio tour accompanied with a soundscape composed out of vibrations you are learning about an entire civilization reduced to one single layer of dirt.
Cloud of Witnesses is here to redesign your idea of the imminent human extinction. What will we leave behind, what will they find when they start digging deeper?
This mindfulness experience is not here to ground you, it is here to let you see the future and change the past.

Materials: melted plastic, gauze, ceramics, ink, airpods, branches, leaves, rubber, epoxy, spray paint, metal, fabric, sponges, pur-foam, marbles, wires, cables, chargers, clay, mud, moss, plaster, alginate, concrete, pigments, melted glue, borax, tie wraps.