As a designer I believe in an off and on modus, a giving and receiving from my environment.Like a sponge I absorb and try to give meaning throughout the numerous ways graphic design provides me. The things that make me mad, sad or sometimes I simply don’t understand. For every occasion, there is a way of comunicating.  

The way I approach my work process is like the art of oration. I ubsurp, consume and spit back out into the world. I am to tell stories, change views, raise questions. Maybe kick and stomp a little. My work is my banner, my manifestation. Graphic design makes you scream without having to raise your voice, it’s the voice in the shape of an image. 


HBO bachelor of Design, HKU, University of the Arts, 2016 - 2020


Studio S†ëfan Schäfer, 2019, Amsterdam
Artist Jan Hoek, 2020-2021, Amsterdam


︎︎︎Copy Nature, Academie Galerie, Utrecht
︎︎︎Hokjesgeest, Sec Gallery, Breda & De Affiche Galerij, Den Haag
︎︎︎Multiplicity, LE:EN, Utrecht
︎︎︎De Bovenburen, open studio’s, Amsterdam
︎︎︎Crowded Sky, (collaboration), IMPAKT, Utrecht
︎︎︎Light Up, Guerilla light festival, Utrecht
︎︎︎Actiefestival, Actie Fonds, LAB111, Amsterdam
︎︎︎ProjectMilkBoX, Power to the Models, Stedelijk Museum Breda.
︎︎︎Parallax, Academie Galerie, Utrecht
︎︎︎One Minutes, Online viewing
︎︎︎Fucking Young, Magazine, Amsterdam
︎︎︎N8W8, Grey Space in the Middle & PIP, Den Haag
︎︎︎VERS, filmfestival, LAB111, Amsterdam

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